ACADEME Integrated Cloud School Management System

Is there a way to have better interaction between students, teachers, parents and management? Can we aim to achieve this goal? Yes there is a way and yes we can with GOCLOUDASIA's (GCA) ACADEME Integrated Cloud School Management System (ICSMS).

GCA ACADEME ICSMS is a secure cloud-based platform specifically designed to aid educational institutions, parents, and students by improving the school’s overall data management. We even streamline your existing processes, allowing everyone to have a familiar and unified experience with your new system. This system connects the administration at all levels without the hassle. School processes and data management have never been this streamlined and simple.

Until now, daily administrative tasks are managed manually, a difficult, tedious and time consuming task. Now, your school can automate tasks without slowing processes, benefitting the entire school from your administrative staff, to your teachers, and to your students and their parents. The school management system you need is here. 


                Sir Clyde Abbellanosa, School Administrator - King's College of the Philippines

 "Gocloudasia’s school management system has become an indispensable tool for the King’s College of the Philippines since 2012. Gocloudasia has done many extra miles for the school in terms customization. We are happy with their support system and the product itself."                                





GOCLOUDASIA is an online systems development company based in the Philippines, serving companies here and abroad with innovative and reliable solutions that support and transform company processes. Our aim as a company has always been to serve our local industries with effective cloud based applications which are economical, scalable and sustainable. Our promise is that we work to serve our clients by making sure their needs are paralleled with solutions that actually work to help them achieve their primary objectives with systems that help them run at their most optimal level. 


ACADEME Integrated Cloud School Management System

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